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Post by Joseph on Thu Oct 29, 2009 12:12 pm

Hello everyone!
Id like to share my forum with you.
It's called DemonKing and we are a art and animation forum.
You can post all your GIMP, paint art.
Pivot, easytoon, flash animations.
We also support advertising...
We do affiliate with other community's.
We also have a section for you to promote your own site.
If your site is lacking something in graphic designing..You can request it.
You can do this in our request forum.
We do have a restriction on this forum though.
You must have adleast 30 posts to request something.
We do also support other things.
The base of the forum is Art and animations.
But we do support other things as well.
We do have a general chat section and forum.
Were you can just sit back at talk about anything you want.
Do also do have a spam pit.
Do not take this as major spam is aloud.
We still do have some rules.
No silly posting, advertising, stupidity ect.
This forum is just for things that don't fit in the other category and stuff.
DemonKing is always looking for some new members and staff.
We have a topic were you can apply to become part of the staff.
We also have other forums.
Music forum.
Here you just chat about all music.
New music, old music, popular music ect.
Gaming forum.
Here we support all your computer and gaming needs.
Movie/TV forum.
Here you chat about new, old, popular tv shows and movies.
Sports forum.
Discuses about everything that involves sports.
Debate forum.
Here you can post a debate and get replies on what others thing about the topic.
We have a rubbish forum aswell.
Here we put all old, useless topics.
We have a section were you can post all your art & animation tutorials.
This section is ONLY for art & animation tutorials. No others.
Here you request and/or post a tutorial about art & animation.
We have a fair amount of user groups.
Here are the main ones :

Administrator - Runs the site and all new updates.
Moderates - Clean up the spam, a very big help to the forums.
Graphics Team - Make all the new graphics for the forum. Banners ect.
V.I.P - Donates, helpers, current friends, totally awesome people ect.

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Re: Demonking

Post by ADMIN on Thu Oct 29, 2009 12:14 pm

Yeah nice site


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