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The Official FAQ

Post by ADMIN on Sat Jun 06, 2009 8:50 am

1. Whats Dragcave?

Dragcave is a website where you can get eggs and you have to get clicks until they hatch into hatchlings and then you need to get more clicks until they mature into Adult Dragons then if you want you can breed them
You can name your Hatchlings and Dragons
There is over 20 different types of dragons
Over 1 million users
It has a forum
Its won over 5 awards

2.Whats A Forum?

In other words a message board,
Forums are places where people can chill out and talk to other people on the internet.Most forums are non-profit

3. Whats Forumotion

Forumotion is a forum hoster for +13 to make a forum. Forumotion is better than some forum hosters that cost mooney.It has easy uploading

You :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: ?

More coming soon

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