500 Posts And Grand Opening Party

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500 Posts And Grand Opening Party

Post by ADMIN on Sat Sep 05, 2009 3:01 pm

This is the 500 post

And the grand opening party will be coming close to the christmas party Infact the 1st of november I know we have been here for months but we are still preparing the forum I want to make it big and exciting any suggestions you will need to give them beofore the grand opening party because I will be taking a break of adding things Glad Wink

Plus we will have a one day halloween party with a theme all about halloween please make you party suggestions and image donations oh and talking of donations, I am thinking of getting a bigger gallery space so I can get every single dragcave sprite banner and fourm banner in it and your own images to! but at the moment I cant afford it you dont have to donate because I did ask for forumotion credits for christmas but theres lots of new things I want to add..... taking about add it reminds me of advertsing we will be adding forum banners to the homepage please post your banner if you want your site added here and please put the link aswell its all free

Can people post smileys that can be added to the forum I am having a smiley overload(I hope it doesent slow down forum prefromance its all ready bad enough)

Thanks For Reading,
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