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Post by s2pid.kaspr on Sat Aug 07, 2010 5:00 am


I'm a Moderator of the site and I'm hoping you guys to take part of our community as well.

This is a brand new, paid-to-upload site where you actually get paid CASH for every download that you get! We have the highest payouts per download, and will also be providing great tools in the near future for you to maximize your earnings. Payments paid through Paypal every 30th of the month. But we are willing to give payments weekly, if you gain enough earnings.

What's best about this site?

We also come up with a contest of who will be the highest earner of the month and will receive bonuses. Last month (July), we gave away $100 for the top earner. This month of August, we are giving away $200 to those who will be the top earner. Currently, we are debating what prizes to be given away for the next month (September), we are thinking about iPad or another cash prize. It will be updated in our forum.

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And there's more, if you visit our forum. ^_^
I hope to see your earnings up. Goodluck

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